If you’ve recently sustained an injury as the result of an incident which was caused by another individual or a corporate business, there is a very high chance that you’re entitled to compensation both for your physical injuries as well as any psychological stress you may have been placed under. If you want to give yourself the best possible chance of negotiating the highest possible settlement, it definitely pays to hire a lawyer who specializes in personal injury law and legal matters, rather than a general lawyer.

Three ways that a personal injury lawyer can assist you:

A personal injury lawyer can assist you, if you’re unable to work due to an incident

If you incur a long term injury as a result of an accident, where you weren’t at fault, a personal injury lawyer may be able to negotiate a settlement where you’ll receive enough money to support both yourself and any dependents. As an example, if your hand is injured in an accident and you’re unable to continue working at your current job, you may be entitled to either a lump sum, or a recurring payment. If you’ve only sustained a short term injury and need to take a couple of weeks or months off work, a personal injury lawyer can also negotiate a settlement where the party who is at fault will pay your salary for you.

A personal injury lawyer can help investigate any insurance claims that you file

As an example, if you’re involved in a car crash and are cleared of any blame or wrong doing, your first reaction may be to file an insurance claim for any damages, with your insurance company. Unfortunately, most insurance companies will try to find any loophole that they can find, in order to avoid paying out your claim. However, if you hire a personal injury lawyer to correspond with your insurance company, your insurance company will be far more likely to pay you the entirety of your claim. As they’ll realize that dealing with a personal injury lawyer, will be more trouble and paperwork, than your claim is worth.

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A personal insurance lawyer can help you negotiate a fair settlement, outside of court

Even if you’re legally entitled to take an individual or business to court, for any injuries that their negligence may have caused you, you should be made aware that in many instances it may take you several months for your court case to be heard. If for some reason, you’re in desperate need of the compensation money that you’re owed, you’re far better off hiring a personal insurance lawyer to negotiate an out of court settlement. If it’s a business whose negligence caused your injuries, you’ll have a reasonable chance of being offered a competitive compensation deal as most businesses want to avoid having their company’s name dragged through the mud.

So if you want to give yourself the best possible chance of negotiating the highest possible settlement deal, it’s well worth booking an appointment with a personal injury lawyer. As lawyers who specialize in personal injury law, have years of experience working cases just like yours.